Last night’s “30 Rock” was a riot. Some of my favorite segments:

Character played by Salma Hayek: I have another patient on my off days. He’s a sweet old man with advanced dementia, totally disconnected from reality.
Jack: That reminds me. I owe Lou Dobbs a call.

Jack: Lemon, I need you to tell me who on your staff is important enough to get one [a flu shot.]
Lemon: Hold on. You’re rationing health care? That’s not okay.
Baldwin: Yes, Lemon. Important people get better health care. They also get better restaurant reservations, bigger seats on planes.

Baldwin: Are you ready for your shot?
Lemon: Never. Two-tiered health care is a crime. You know, in Cuba, everyone gets the same health care.
Jack: What a surprise. You saw the Michael Moore movie.
Lemon: Think again, Jack. I saw the trailer when I went to see “Alvin and the Chipmunks.”