Two from the Washington Post.

1. Kathleen Parker writes,

By large percentages, the sperm-donor children suffered more depression, delinquency and substance abuse than children who were adopted or raised in a home with their two natural parents.

See also Bruce Feiler. In general, the Post seems to want to reassure fathers that their contribution to bringing up children matters. Is that truly evidence-based?

2. Jonathan Capehart writes,

59 percent of Democratic primary voters chose Alvin Greene. He’s the unemployed guy who somehow paid the $10,440 filing fee, who has been discharged from two branches of the military, and who faces felony obscenity charges. Greene’s interviews, particularly those with The Post, Keith Olbermann and Time magazine fueled speculation that he is a Republican plant. But as we learned yesterday Greene is the beneficiary of electoral ennui and an alphabetically advantageous name.

That is on the editorial page, where casual voters are described as a problem for the Democrats. On the front page, casual voters are described as the solution for the Democrats. For little-d democracy, I think that the Greene story tells you everything you need to know about the Myth of the Rational Voter.