You ever get the feeling that some of these guys aren’t the sharpest scimitars in the shed?

That’s what Gene Healy asks in his excellent article on terrorism. Here’s another one:

The notion of “savvy and sophisticated” Islamist supervillains is “wildly off the mark,” Brookings’ Daniel Byman and Christine Fair write in Atlantic magazine.
Many Afghan suicide bombers “never even make it out of their training camp,” thanks to the jihadi tradition of the pre-martyrdom “manly embrace”: “the pressure from these group hugs triggers the explosives in suicide vests.” (Theological question: Do you get fewer virgins for an own-goal?)

If I had a time machine and were a dictator, or five Supreme Court judges, I would go back to January 20, 2001 and make Gene Healy the U.S. president. The whole article is a riot.