In his recent post on pacifism, co-blogger Bryan cites an earlier post on the same issue. He wrote:

Even if militaries don’t deliberately target innocent bystanders, they almost always wind up recklessly endangering their lives. If a policeman fought crime the way that “civilized” armies wage war, we’d put him in jail.

Commenter stuhlman pointed out that policemen often do similar things and don’t go to jail. Just read Radley Balko’s blog for a few weeks and you’ll get disabused of the idea that such a cop would go to jail.

My wife had her own experience with an out-of-control cop last week and luckily the car he was chasing didn’t hit her. Here’s my letter to the Carmel Pine Cone about her experience:

Dear Editor,

In her news story about the recent car chase on Carmel Valley Road, reporter Mary Brownfield tells your readers that the pursued car barely missed hitting a car driven by Jean Terry. Ms. Terry was not the only person put at risk. The pursued car barely missed hitting my wife’s car, too. Driving east on Carmel Valley Road, my wife pulled over as far as she safely could onto the road’s narrow shoulder. After speeding past my wife with little room to spare, the pursued car then veered into the oncoming lane around a curve at a speed of about 100 mph.

Sure, it ended fine with the suspects being caught, but that car could have easily killed my wife and her passenger and would have surely killed someone coming the other way on the curve. And why? Because “eagle-eyed” (Ms. Brownfield’s term) deputy Oscar Leon noticed that the car’s tags had expired and he chased it. So because of expired tags, Mr. Leon put innocent people at risk of death. Mr. Leon played Russian roulette with other people’s lives and he won. What if he had lost?