My inflation bet with Bob Murphy, unlike David’s, doesn’t mature until January 1, 2016.  David as usual is a model of gentlemanly conduct, but other observers are cackling with glee at Bob’s defeat. 

This is frankly deplorable.  Bob deserves far more respect than everyone who claimed to know the future rate of inflation but failed to put their money or reputation on the line.  Per my Bettor’s Oath:

When I win a bet, I will not shame my opponent, for a betting loser has
far more honor than the mass of men who live by loose and idle talk.

Bob deserves extra praise for not claiming that he was “really right” or that “bets don’t mean anything.”  Instead, he concludes: “[C]learly the lesson here is: Don’t make bets with a guy who was studying the Fed before I was born.”  Admirable, though the real lesson to draw is simply “Don’t bet against the TIPS market.”