I woke up this morning with an epiphany. In my political views, I’ve been on the wrong track for a long time. Specifically:

1. I think Obamacare is great. So what if it’s causing young people to subsidize the elderly? They should. After all, who was it who brought them into this world? The elderly. Also, it’s unfair that until now, men, who use medical care less than women, pay less for health insurance than women. After all, women, whose life expectancy is greater than that of men, pay the same for life insurance that men of equal age pay. Also, who cares if the health insurance forces you to buy won’t let you see the doctor who has gotten to know you? That idea that you should be able to see the doctor of your choice is a bourgeois conceit.

2. We need high tariffs in this country. Otherwise we’ll lose our manufacturing base.

3. Most high-income people, aka the rich, didn’t earn their income. They got it by shifty means. This was what my father believed and I only wish he were alive so that I could tell him he was right. Studying economics and learning different was a waste of time.

4. What a fraud that Adam Smith was. What the heck did he know, sitting in Scotland and pontificating about the world? Sure, he predicted that the continental congress, sitting in the 13 colonies, would bring forth a new nation that would become the most powerful in the world. And sure, even then, he knew what a fraud much of higher “education” is. But those were just lucky calls. Moreover, Smith was just trying to rationalize people’s desire to look out for themselves. Too bad he never wrote a book about morality. Then he would have figured out the limits of self-interest.

5. I think the supporters of the National Security Agency are right. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear from them. Plus, the danger from terrorism is the greatest danger we face. So what if the most successful terrorists ever on American soil killed the number of people who are killed in one month in vehicle accidents? What does that prove? Figures lie and liars figure. I should apologize to General Keith Alexander for, after the graduation speech he gave at the Naval Postgraduate School last June, confronting him about his spying. He’s a great American.

6. What’s all this nonsense my co-blogger, Bryan Caplan, writes about “open borders?” He doesn’t favor opening his house to anyone who comes by. So what’s he doing advocating that people be allowed to come here and buy or rent houses that other people are willing to sell or lease? Doesn’t Bryan know a logical, airtight argument when he sees one?

7. I’ve been wrong about Paul Krugman. He is the greatest living economist. Heck, he’s the greatest economist of all time. When you read his posts, you see him carefully applying economic analysis to the issues of the day. He worries a lot about incentives. He’s concerned that the growth in government spending in the next few decades will mean either much higher taxes, cuts in other spending, or government default on the debt.

8. I’ve been wrong to criticize U.S. foreign policy. The U.S. government has always been it in the right and those snivelers who claim that the Iraq war was a mistake are just ingrates. I say, “My country right or wrong.”

Wow! Glad that I got that off my chest. Time to lie down. But if you want to see more about what’s behind this thinking, go here.