While playing around on the web this weekend, I found the following link. I had known about FDR sending in the National Guard to physically carry Sewell Avery out of his office and, in fact, posted about it earlier this year. What I had not known is that two years earlier, FDR had seized Avery’s private yacht. I find this is outrageous. But I can’t find out much about it. If you click on the link to find out more, you get a dead link.

Question: does anyone know more about this? Specifically,
1. What action by Avery occurred before FDR did this?
2. How did FDR justify his action?
3. Did Avery sue to get his yacht back?
4. Did FDR pay something for the yacht or did he just take it?

As co-blogger Bryan Caplan says, please show your work.