New research by Harvard professor George Borjas on the effect of the Mariel Boatlift – a giant shock to Miami’s labor market that increased the size of its population by 7 percent in 42 days – finds large negative wage effects concentrated on Americans with less than a high school degree. To put the scale of that shock to Miami in context, it would be as if 22.4 million immigrants moved to America in a six-week period – which will not happen.

This is from Alex Nowrasteh, “Common Arguments Against Immigration,” Cato At Liberty, August 8.

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In this article, Alex states, and critiques, 15 common arguments against immigration ranging from “Immigrants abuse the welfare state” to “Immigrants are especially crime prone” to my favorite, “It’s easy to immigrate to America and we’re the most open country in the world.”

For those on either side of the issue, or on the fence, this is a good one-stop place to go to see a quick statement of the common arguments and a fairly data-rich response to each.