Good reporting goes a long way.

The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern has a great news story in the November 15 electronic edition. The title tells you a lot: “I Visited Over 120 EV Chargers: Three Reasons Why So Many Were Broken.”

Some highlights:

L.A. County has more public DC fast chargers than any other in the country, according to the Atlas Public Policy research group. From the beach in Santa Monica to parking garages under Rodeo Drive, my video producer Adam Falk and I visited 30 different non-Tesla DC fast-charger stations in a Rivian R1T pickup. I ran into problems at 13 of them—that’s over 40%. Oof is right.

She identified 3 problem categories and discussed each. They are (1) Out of Order; (2) Payment Rejected; and (3) Handshake Failed.

This does not augur well for California’s coming EV mandate.