I don’t normally post a link to just one video, but I found this one enormously interesting and, indeed, exciting and hopeful. It’s 5 young black men watching Peter Robinson’s interview of Thomas Sowell and discussing his ideas. I was riveted.

Notice how one of them pronounces his name at the start. It reminds me of when I would tell my students the first day of a new class about my background. I mentioned my affiliation with the Hoover Institution and inevitably a student would ask me if I knew Thomas Sow (pronounced the same as you pronounce “sow”) ell. It means that they knew of him by reading him. These young men see his name on the screen. Same idea.

So many highlights. I won’t mention more than a few because the whole thing is fascinating.

6:56: Watch their reaction at 6:56 to a point that Sowell makes.

7:48 to 8:30: Check Sowell’s point about blacks growing up in Germany than the young men’s reactions.

15:25: Watch their reaction to white “liberals” taking responsibility.

HT2 Tyler Cowen.