American University has brought in an academic from the University of Washington-Tacoma with a curious mission for an academic institution: to teach academics not to grade on the writing ability of students as opposed to their “labor.” Professor Asao Inoue believes that writing ability should not be assessed to achieve “antiracist” objectives.

This is from Jonathan Turley, “American University Holds Training Session on Avoiding Single Standard Grading to Achieve ‘Antiracist’ Objectives,” August 15, 2019. HT2 Arnold Kling.

I wonder if American University created even more value by having Professor Inoue bicycle from Tacoma to D.C. instead of the much less labor-intensive means of transportation called taking an airline.

Note: For what’s wrong with the labor theory of value, see the biography of Carl Menger in The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics and/or “We’re Still Haunted by the Labor Theory of Value” by Steven Horwitz.