Couy Griffin, president of Cowboys for Trump, and one of the three commissioners of Otero County in New Mexico, voted against certifying the results of the 2022 elections (including party primaries). The Economist explains (“Trump Truthers Are Vying to Run America’s Local Elections,” June 28, 2022):

This was not a contentious election. The county clerk insisted there was no evidence of fraud, and no candidate questioned the results. Mr Griffin himself admitted his intransigence was not based on any facts. Echoing a favourite conspiracy theory of Donald Trump, the commissioner said he just had a “gut feeling” that something was amiss with the Dominion voting machines.

The County Commission was eventually ordered by the State Supreme Court to certify the results. On the same day that Mr. Griffin, contrary to the two other commissioners, defied the order, he was condemned to two weeks in jail following his previous trial for taking part in the 2021 Capitol riot.

I wish to be on record for having nothing against cowboys nor against American traditions, with some exceptions. But any exception someone sees about something does not justify accepting a big lie because of one’s “gut feeling.” Respect and search for the truth is a minimum condition for any rational human endeavor, an idea that any education worth its salt should instill in each individual. Otherwise, we are begging for government of the guts, by the guts, for the guts.