Earlier this month, I gave a talk at Boise State University titled “The Case for Free Trade.” Here’s the video and what follows are the highlights, with the approximate time at which they occurred.

10:00: Every law is violent.

12:00: Gains from exchange.

14:00: My famous Rita’s Friendly Oasis.

19:10: Comparative advantage.

20:30: Babe Ruth.

21:40: McCartney and Starr.

22:25: Dikembe Mutombo.

23:30: Nothing magic about borders.

24:20: Donald Trump–corn for cars.

27:50: Don Boudreaux: If real wars were like trade wars.

29:10: Trade and technology are similar.

31:30: Manufacturing jobs vs. output.

33:20: Middle class is disappearing upward.

34:40: Examples of what I get from international trade.

36:10: My Bastiat joke (which I got from the late William Breit.)

36:40: Tariffs and blowing up railroads.

37:20: Reagan’s analogy: shooting hole in boat.

37:50: Joan Robinson: boulders in harbor.

38:10: Henry George.

39:05: Bastiat’s petition of the candlemakers.

40:00: Does trade increase or decrease jobs?

44:00: Buy American?

46:00: Sugar import quotas.

49:15: Dumping.

51:00: Senator Robert Byrd.

52:30: Idaho Senator Larry Craig and Micron.

54:30: Trade deficit.

56:30: Where does the trade deficit go?

58:10: Michael Dukakis’s flub during 1988 election.

59:20: Trade promotes peace.

1:00:20: When goods don’t cross borders, armies will.

1:01:30: Doubling of trade leads to 20% decline in belligerence.

1:03:00: My Dutch Uncle advice to undergrads and high-schoolers.

A couple of minutes as about 400 students leave auditorium after end of speech.

1:08:50: First question, about government and identity.

1:11:00: Are free trade deals necessary?

1:12:00: China-U.S. trade war.

1:15:30: Is economists’ case for trade glib? The Autor evidence.

1:18:20: My free trade economist friend’s questions to steelworkers in their 50s.

1:20:00: Doritos and money.

1:21:45: Infant industry argument and The Myth of MITI.

1:24:50: Isn’t the U.S. economy strong?

1:26:50: Ben Olson: corrupt government selling resources.

1:29:10: China stealing intellectual property.

1:32:45: The role of gold in people’s financial portfolio.

1:34:00: Sergio: Child labor and tradeoff between material and spiritual.

1:39:30: Linda Symms: Trade sanctions on Iran and people are smarter than cats.

1:41:45: The philosophical case against patents and copyrights.

1:43:45: Bitcoin.

UPDATE: Colin Fraizer, in a comment below, has graciously supplied a link that gives hot links for each of the highlights.