Back in September, I attended a round table where the guest was a major economic advisor to Donald Trump and the participants were economists and other public policy people. I can’t be more specific because of the Chatham House Rule. Under that rule, I’m free to report what I said and people’s reactions as long as I don’t name them.

In the Q&A, I said that one deregulatory move I thought President Trump should propose is to get rid of the federal restrictions on toilets. Those restrictions require low flush toilets and sometimes you need to flush a few times. I said that besides being an increase in freedom, such a measure would be politically popular. I quoted Dave Barry’s comment from a few years ago that whatever presidential candidate proposed such a measure would win the election in a landslide. It’s an exaggeration of course. And, by the way, President Trump seems to be doing a lot to reduce his electoral margin by allowing his FDA to go after vaping and by signing a bill that bans cigarette smoking for people under age 21.

But back to my proposal. I bet you can guess what people’s reaction was. They laughed. No one seemed to take it seriously. But there’s one person who has taken it seriously. Even better, he seems to want to get rid of those governors that have substantially reduced the pressure in showers, making them much less fun than they used to be.