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No Due Date is our subscription economics book club. Curated by Peter Boettke, you’ll spend each month reading with him exploring the best in economics and the social sciences. While Pete has some classics in store for you, you can also expect several contemporary titles.

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What might you expect? Here are some of the books we read together in 2023:

Wild Problems, by Russ Roberts. Roberts joined us for our January virtual salon:

Competition and Entrepreneurship, by Israel Kirzner

Do Markets Corrupt Our Morals? by Virgil Storr and Ginny Choi

The Great Society, by Amity Shlaes. Shlaes joined us for our April virtual salon:

Liberalism, by Ludwig von Mises

In Search of Monsters to Destroy, by Chris Coyne

How Innovation Works, by Matt Ridley. Ridley joined us for our July virtual salon:

The Invisible Hook, by Peter Lesson

The State, by Anthony de Jasay

Darkness at Noon, by Arthur Koestler. (For this title, we put the selection up to a vote by subscribers! Look for more such opportunities in 2024…)