As a number of universities have backed away from their initial plans to reopen to face to face classes in the wake of some evidence of COVID outbreaks on campus with the arrival of students, Purdue University president and former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has decided to use Tullock’s Spike.

Purdue has, like many other institutions, spent the summer trying to prepare for having students back on campus.  They are requiring all students to submit a negative COVID test from no more than 14 days prior to arrival on campus.  They have set up labs for on campus testing, moved some classes on-line, and increased distancing requirements in dorms and public areas.  All of this has culminated in something that Daniels has required all students to sign – the Protect Purdue Pledge.  As part of that pledge, Purdue is requiring their students to commit to safe behavior or face punishment.  In the wake of actions of other universities, Daniels announced that students would now be prohibited from hosting or attending events- read here parties- that did not have social distancing or mask wearing.  Violations of that policy would be treated like stealing or illegal drug use.  In short, they would expel students who go to parties.


Setting aside for a moment arguments about the relative risks that students that age face from the virus, or the likelihood of them transmitting to others who might be at risk, all I want to say here is that somewhere Gordon Tullock is smiling.