I’ll say this about the rumored choice of Steve Moore for the Federal Reserve Board; he’d be the first Trump pick that actually reflected President Trump’s views on monetary policy. And what are Trump’s views?

1. Favoring tighter money when a Democrat is president, and the economy is depressed and clearly needs easier money.

2. Favoring easier money when Trump is president, and the economy is booming and does not obviously need easier money. (You can argue it might need slightly easier money, but it’s not as “obvious” as it was during the recovery from the Great Recession.)

These are Trump’s views, and they also seem to be the views of Steve Moore. As you may gather from this post, I’m not a fan of politicizing the Fed.  And even if Moore’s views are not politically motivated, they reflect a set of policy preferences that are far too procyclical. And this is true regardless of whether or not a year from now it’s clear that the economy needed easier money right now.

PS.  Steve Moore might be a good choice for Treasury, as he favors lower taxes on capital income.

Update:  This is an interesting comment, coming from someone who is about to join Jerome Powell at the Fed:

Economist and conservative commentator Stephen Moore said Sunday that the Federal Reserve is “the swamp” and President Trump needs to drain it, even if it means exercising his power to remove Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

I wonder if he’ll be confirmed by Congress.