Deirdre McCloskey and I have a new book for AIER and the Adam Smith Institute, The Myth of the Entrepreneurial State. It is short, it is cheap, it benefits from Deirdre’s wisdom and splendid prose. So, what are you waiting for? Buy it!

I suppose most of our readers may be familiar with Michele Boldrin, who teaches at Washington University in St Louis, for Against Intellectual Monopoly, written with David Levine – and some for his more theoretical work. But Michele has also developed a remarkable network in Italy and built an online counter-information and education effort, Liberi oltre le illusioni, (Free Beyond Illusions), which is offering tons of interesting videos on both more technical and theoretical issues and on current events. He debated the book (as well as the notion of spontaneous order and, in a sense, the feasibility of a libertarian political theory) with Deirdre and me here.

As a good debate host, he played devil’s advocate: he could not put on a very convincing act as an advocate for industrial policy, his objections to libertarianism as a comprehensive philosophy are genuinely *his* own and forcefully argued.




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