Today I cashed my victory check from my election bet with Arnold Kling.  Now it’s time to honor him.  Not only did my esteemed co-blogger promptly pay up; he had the courage and honesty to publicly bet in the first place.  If every thinker were like Arnold, we’d be in epistemological paradise already.

Update: In the comments, AMW writes:

The house of reps isn’t a branch of the federal government.
It’s half a branch. I say you should prove you’re as noble as Arnold
and give him back his money until you’ve actually won the bet.

See the exact terms that Arnold accepted:

There are effectively 10 elections over that period–two Presidential
elections and four Senate/House elections. The Dems have to retain 50+
in the Senate, 218+ in the House, and the Presidency through all 10
elections for me to win.