Today I’m debating pacifism – another position I acquired in the process of blogging – with Ilya Somin at GMU’s law school.  My pacifist writings so far:

1. Why libertarians should be pacifists, not isolationists.

2. The common-sense case for pacifism – the heart of my opening debate statement.

3. The seen, the unseen, war, and peace.

4. Cliches of anti-pacifism.  Hopefully too many won’t come up in the Q&A. 🙂

5. Engage pacifism.  Mission accomplished?

6. Rights: A license to kill?

7. Pacifism defended.

8. Cowen contra pacifism.

9. Cowardly positions.

10. Lessons from the yellowjacket war.

Hope to see you there – and learn something bloggable in the process.