The battle between Starbucks and Workers United trying to barge in may not be sufficient to persuade the company and other large corporations that the woke are not so fun to work with after all. Such is the power of ideological fads. But the event does carry some political and economic lessons. One of Workers United’s organizers said (“Starbucks Prepares to Expand Worker Benefits That Might Exclude Unionized Staff,” Wall Street Journal, April 13, 2022):

We will continue to fight to hold Starbucks accountable to the company we know it could be.

I wonder why Workers United doesn’t acquire Starbucks (tip: SBUX on Nasdaq) or create a competitor in order to have “the company [they] know it could be.” Because the new Starbucks or the new competitor would most likely fail or cost more than it would return? Would that serves the employees’ interests? On the other hand, if the unions and pro-union employees succeeded with their own money or with that of outside investors in such a free-market (that is, voluntary) adventure, glory to them!