When, a few minutes ago, I read that the Italian government has announced a temporary suspension of mortgage payments (“Mortgage Payments Suspended Across Italy Amid Coronavirus Outbreak,” March 12, 2020), I quickly pulled the Twitter trigger:

Lenders are humans too and the virus, contrary to the state, does not discriminate on the basis of balance sheet. Moreover, bankrupt states may direly need more lenders soon.

The mortgage lenders include the pleb’s pension funds, but the proletarians don’t see this. The state is not going to tell them by waging a propaganda campaign. There are more borrowers than lenders, at least consciously.

This reminded me of one of Anthony de Jasay’s deep reflections. (His work is full of such deep reflections.) Once you have understood it, and even if you end up thinking that the situation is not that bad after all, you never see the political world with the same eyes:

When the state cannot please everybody, it will choose whom it had better please.