Arnold’s sounding like a bit of a populist:

Miron writes as if the main issue is between Democrats and Republicans. Instead, the issue is Inside vs. Outside the Beltway. It is inside the beltway that these spending cuts are “unthinkable” and “politically unpalatable.”

This doesn’t ring true to me. Arnold, do you really think that Miron’s proposals would appeal to a majority of Americans? Raising the retirement age to seventy?

My alternative story: The reason why Miron’s proposals are unpopular Inside the Beltway is that the voters Outside the Beltway would tar and feather a politician who loudly endorsed them. In fact, I bet that the monolithic Inside the Beltway view the Arnold sees is partly preference falsification. There are a lot of thoughtful D.C. folks across the political spectrum who would admit – off the record! – that Miron’s got some good points.

But try convincing my parents.