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Money and Banking

Partly because of the economy-wide effects of money and banking, and partly because of the specific government policies that regulate the money supply and banking, there is a separate category to cover these issues.

Labor Issues

These entries are on various aspects of the labor market and include discrimination, the gender gap, immigration, job safety, and wages and working conditions.


Governments impose a variety of taxes. The analysis of taxes, therefore, requires multiple entries, including marginal tax rates, corporate taxation, and capital gains taxes.

The Marketplace

These entries are about real markets and how they work and include advertising, brand names, competition, entrepreneurship, and the free market.

CEE Biographies

Frédéric Bastiat

Joseph Schumpeter described Bastiat nearly a century after his death as “the most brilliant economic journalist who ever lived.” Orphaned at the age of nine, Bastiat tried his hand at commerce, farming, and insurance sales. In 1825, after he inherited his grandfather’s estate, he quit working, established a discussion group, and read widely in economics. […]

Friedrich August Hayek

If any twentieth-century economist was a Renaissance man, it was Friedrich Hayek. He made fundamental contributions in political theory, psychology, and economics. In a field in which the relevance of ideas often is eclipsed by expansions on an initial theory, many of his contributions are so remarkable that people still read them more than fifty […]

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