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Over the last three years, my older sons have gone from near-zero knowledge of Spanish to fluency.  Given my open disdain for foreign language education, what's the backstory? I started them in 9th grade because almost all good colleges impose an admission requirement of 3-4 years of foreign language instruction.  From the outset, my boys planned to demonstrate their competence on the Spanish Language AP test.  Going through the motions would not suffice; we knew my sons actually had to...
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Tips for Online Teaching

We know many of you- teachers and parents, too!- suddenly find yourselves thrust into the world of online teaching and learning. We're trying to do everything we can to make that transition as smooth as possible.   Here's a link to the special edition of...


I love these. They reflect my experience exactly. I think of the entertaining thing as simple interpersonal courtesy. You're two people in a room together, both doing relatively difficult jobs, and so it's only polite (for both of you, but kids rarely fail on this) to make the experience as pleasant as possible for each other. I try to be as entertaining for my kids when I teach as I am for my adult friends - it just takes a different selection of topics and jokes.

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