July 2018 ISSUE

Commercial Reprisals Are a Mistake

By Pedro Schwartz

Where goods do not cross borders soldiers will. —attributed to Frédéric Bastiat1 There was a time when I understood the reasons for protectionism better than the arguments for free trade. Then I heard my doctoral supervisor, Lord Lionel Robbins, say in c...

Get the Story Straight

By Arnold Kling

In Suicide of the West,1 Jonah Goldberg offers an ambitious intellectual defense of modern conservatism. His argument is grounded in a theory of cultural anthropology in which the stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves play a crucial role in political econom...

Benefits of the American Revolution: An Exploration of Positive Externalities

By Jeffrey Rogers Hummel

It has become de rigueur, even among libertarians and classical liberals, to denigrate the benefits of the American Revolution. Thus, libertarian Bryan Caplan writes:  “Can anyone tell me why American independence was worth fighting for?... [W]hen you ask about ...

A Cure for Our Health Care Ills

By Charles L. Hooper and David R. Henderson

"Nobody knew health care could be so complicated," was Donald Trump's now famous pronouncement on the issue. The Congressional Republicans were struggling too. Not only did they fail to reach a legislative solution, but, even worse, they were confused about where to eve...

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