October 2019 ISSUE

Market Competitiveness and Rationality: A Brain-Focused Perspective

By Richard B. McKenzie

Over the past half century, behavioral economists have relentlessly criticized neoclassical economics for having a flawed premise at its methodological foundation: that the people in neoclassical models, derided as "Econs" by behaviorists, are perfectly rational. That i...

Wrangling Radicals: Intersectionality and Campus Culture

By Arnold Kling

The college-aged activist of modern times is radically exclusionary and often views the principles of open debate with skepticism, if not outright hostility. Indeed, many young people interviewed for this book thought speech that offends them should be illegal, or...

Does Economics Need More than One Lesson?

By Michael D. Thomas

Henry Hazlitt's 1946 book, Economics in One Lesson,1 remains relevant for readers to this day. In print since its publication, the book has sold more than a million copies, has been translated into 10 languages, and in 2019 became inspiration for a new book, Economics i...

The Role of the Economist in a Free Society: The Art of Political Economy

By Peter J. Boettke

Economics in the hands of its masters is an expert critique of rule by expertise. And even among its masters, there are many differing visions of the role of economics. —Pete Boettke Robert Skidelsky wrote a magisterial three-volume biography of John Maynard Key...

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