November 2019 ISSUE

Inside Leviathan: Lessons from Gordon Tullock’s Bureaucracy

By Stefanie Haeffele and Anne Hobson

Bureaucracy has a reputation of being a 'necessary evil' in modern western society. We are quick to blame bureaucracy for long waits at the DMV [Department of Motor Vehicles], lengthy approval processes for building permits, and for the piles of paperwork at work. Burea...

How We Failed Our Economics Students and Caused Low Government Approval Ratings

By Russell S. Sobel

As of September 2019, less than 25 percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, according to a Gallup poll.1 Before one jumps to the conclusion that this low approval rating is due to the current political situation and controversies, let me also share tha...

Romance and Reality: A Review of Romance of the Rails by Randal O’Toole

By David R. Henderson

Randal O'Toole's recent book, Romance of the Rails,1 is a slam-dunk. Actually, that is an understatement. The book is full of slam-dunks. In chapter after chapter, O'Toole, a long-time fan of railroads, puts his fandom aside and shows what a disaster government subsidie...

How Democratic Capitalism Works

By Arnold Kling

[T]he large skilled work forces of the advanced sectors of the economy, and the aspirational voters who seek to join these workforces, have interests aligned with the promotion and success of advanced capitalist sectors, and are generally decisive voters. —To...
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