Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Neither the Library of Economics and Liberty, EconTalk, EconLog, nor their owner, Liberty Fund, Inc., gather information about you that is tied to your name or email address unless you specifically request it. Information tied to your name or email address is not used for anything other than to contact you for matters directly related to your request. We do not sell our mailing lists or use them to send mass mailings other than those for which you have explicitly selected. Neither do we correlate information across the various sources.

Examples of when you specifically request us to store information about you are

• when you add your name and email address to a mailing list to register for Econlib News
• when you post comments to EconLog or EconTalk
• when you contact Econlib, EconLog, or EconTalk by email
• when you order books through Liberty Fund’s book catalog

Some of our mailing lists are maintained by reliable outside firms. If you register for any of these mailing lists, you are explicitly informed as part of the registration process. We try to select outside firms that have privacy policies as strong as our own, but we cannot guarantee the behavior of non-Econlib companies.

We use Google Analytics to help us understand how our customers use the site. Data retention for our analytics accounts are set to retain information for 14 months.

Rights related to your personal information:
You may have certain rights under data protection law in relation to the personal information we hold about you. In particular, you may have a right to:

• request a copy of personal information we hold about you;
• ask that we update the personal information we hold about you;
• ask that we delete personal information that we hold about you from live systems;
• object to our processing of your personal information; and/or
• withdraw your consent to our processing of your personal information

If you would like to exercise these rights or understand if these rights apply to you, please contact us.

Copyright Policy
You may make a personal copy of Econlib material in accordance with U.S. Fair Use.

Books reproduced on Econlib are under copyright by Liberty Fund, Inc. Although the text of some books may be in the public domain (for example, if the work was published before 1923), the specific coding of the text, design, and any displayed artwork are under copyright by Liberty Fund, Inc. Works published before 1923 may have been edited or translated subsequently, putting the edits or translations under copyright. When in doubt, please contact the Econlib webmaster.

Articles and columns published on Econlib are under copyright by Liberty Fund, Inc. for nine months after their date of publication, after which time the copyright reverts to the author. Please feel free to contact the Econlib webmaster for permission to reprint featured articles or columns or to use material beyond legally accepted fair use. We do sometimes grant reprint permission, depending on the circumstances.

Podcasts on Econlib are the property of Liberty Fund, Inc. Please contact the Econlib webmaster to seek permission for re-broadcast of a podcast at

All other writing, artwork, page design, and special tools such as the Econlib search engines are the sole property of Liberty Fund, Inc. unless otherwise indicated, and may not be copied or used without permission.