Public Finance

Bastable, Charles F.
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London: Macmillan and Co., Limited
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3rd edition
Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Book I Public Expenditure
I.I State Economy. General Considerations
I.II The Cost of Defence
I.III Justice and Security
I.IV Administrative Supervision. Poor-Relief
I.V Education. Religion
I.VI Expenditure on Industry and Commerce. Constitutional and Diplomatic Expenditure
I.VII Central and Local Expenditure
I.VIII On the Classification and Guiding Maxims of Public Expenditure
Book II Public Revenue: The Economic or Quasi-Private Receipts
II.I The Forms and Classification of Public Revenue
II.II The State Domain. Lands and Forests
II.III The Industrial Domain
II.IV The State as Capitalist. Administrative Revenue
II.V State Property.—General Considerations On Quasi-Private Revenue
Book III Public Revenue (continued): The Principles of Taxation
III.I Definition and Classification of Taxation
III.II The General Features of Taxation
III.III The Distribution of Taxation
III.IV The Tax System: Its Forms
III.V The Shifting and Incidence of Taxation
III.VI The Principles of Local Taxation
III.VII The Canons of Taxation
Book IV Public Revenue (concluded): The Several Kinds of Taxes
IV.I Taxes on Land
IV.II Taxes on Capital and Business
IV.III Personal and Wages Taxes
IV.IV Taxes on Property and Income
IV.V Taxes on Consumption: Their Classification: Direct Consumption Taxes
IV.VI Internal Taxes on Commodities
IV.VII Customs Duties
IV.VIII Taxes on Communications and Acts
IV.IX Taxes on Successions
Book V The Relation of Expenditure and Receipts
V.I Introductory—State Treasures
V.II Public Indebtedness, Its Modern Development
V.III The History of the English Debt
V.IV History of the French Debt, Indebtedness in Other Countries
V.V The Theory of Public Credit and Public Debts
V.VI The Forms of Public Debts
V.VII The Redemption and Conversion of Debt
V.VIII Local Indebtedness
Book VI Financial Administration and Control
VI.I Introductory—Historical Development
VI.II The Budget—Its Preparation—The Collection of Revenue
VI.III THe Vote of the Budget—Control and Audit
VI.IV Administration and Control in Local Finance
Footnotes (Books I-III)
Footnotes, continued (Books IV-VI)
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