The Positive Theory of Capital

Eugen v. Böhm-Bawerk, from the Warren J. Samuels Portrait Collection
Böhm-Bawerk, Eugen v.
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William A. Smart, trans.
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London: Macmillan and Co.
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Table of Contents
Translator's Preface
Author's Preface
Book I. The Nature and Conception of Capital.
I.I Man and Nature.
I.II The Nature of Capital.
I.III Historical Development of the Conception.
I.IV The True Conception of Capital.
I.V The Competing Conceptions of Capital.
I.VI Social and Private Capital.
Book II. Capital as Instrument of Production.
II.I Introductory.
II.II Capitalist Production.
II.III The Function of Capital in Production.
II.IV The Theory of the Formation of Capital.
II.V Formation of Capital in a Community.
II.VI Possible Objections.
Book III. Value.
III.I The Two Conceptions of Value.
III.II Nature and Origin of Subjective Value.
III.III The Amount of Value.
III.IV The Marginal Utility.
III.V Complications.
III.VI What determines Marginal Utility.
III.VII Alternative Uses.
III.VIII Subjective Exchange Value.
III.IX The Value of Complementary Goods.
III.X The Value of Productive Goods. Value and Costs.
Book IV. Price.
IV.I The Fundamental Law.
IV.II Isolated Exchange.
IV.III One-sided Competition.
IV.IV Two-sided Competition.
IV.V The Law of Supply and Demand.
IV.VI The Individual Determinants of Price.
IV.VII The Law of Costs.
Book V. Present and Future
V.I Present and Future in Economic Life.
V.II Differences in Want and Provision for Want.
V.III Underestimate of the Future
V.IV The Technical Superiority of Present Goods.
V.V Co-operation of the Three Factors.
Book VI. The Source of Interest
VI.I The Loan and Loan Interest.
VI.II The Profit of Capitalist Undertaking. Principles of Explanation.
VI.III The Profit of Capitalist Undertaking. Complications.
VI.IV The Profit of Capitalist Undertaking. The Labour Market.
VI.V The Profit of Capitalist Undertaking. The General Subsistence Market.
VI.VI The Profit of Capitalist Undertaking. The General Subsistence Market (continued).
VI.VII Interest from Durable Goods.
VI.VIII Interest from Durable Goods (continued).
VI.IX Results.
VI.X Results under Socialism.
Book VII. The Rate of Interest
VII.I The Rate in Isolated Exchange.
VII.II The Rate in Market Transactions.
VII.III The Rate in Market Transactions (continued).
VII.IV The Market for Capital in its Full Development.
VII.V The Market for Capital in its Full Development (continued).
Appendix to page 327. [in Book VI, Chapter V]
Footnotes, (Books I-II)
Footnotes, continued (Books III-V)
Footnotes, continued (Books VI-VII)
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