Editor's Introduction to "Float or Sink? The Millstone of the 'Social Market' in Germany"

David M. Hart*

This bibliographical essay is David Hart's introduction to Float or Sink? The Millstone of the "Social Market" in Germany, by Anthony de Jasay.

In this article Jasay examines how a once dynamic economy like Germany's has been reduced to a state of economic sclerosis by inflexible labor market policies. His prognosis for the future is not a happy one ...

Additional Readings

I. Websites

The following is a selection of mainly German language websites which focus on free market economic policy. English language material can be found at the Centre for a New Europe website and the selection of articles by Prof. Christian Watrin:

1. Walter Eucken Instute— http://walter-eucken-institut.de/

2. Ludwig Erhard Stiftung— http://www.ludwig-erhard-stiftung.de/

3. Prof. Christian Watrin, the Institute for Economic Policy Research at the University of Cologne in Germany. A selection of his articles is available online at http://www.uni-koeln.de/wiso-fak/eekhoff/pub/schrift.htm

4. The Friedrich Hayek Institute— http://www.hayek-institut.at/

5. The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung— http://www.kas.de

6. The Frankfurt Institute— http://www.frankfurt-institut.de

7. The Centre for a New Europe— http://www.cne.org

8. The Germany Embassy website in Washington, D.C. - http://www.germany-info.org/relaunch/info/facts/facts_about/system.html

9. The German Government site of the Federal Department of Economics and Labor - http://www.bmwi.de/textonly/Homepage/Politikfelder/Wirtschaftspolitik/So ziale%20Marktwirtschaft/Soziale%20Marktwirtschaft.jsp

II. Bibliography

The Social Market Economy. Theory and Ethics of the Economic Order, ed. Peter Koslowski (Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, Tokyo: Springer, 1998). Studies in Economic Ethics and Philosophy Vol. 17.

A Bibliography celebrating 50 years of the Social Market Economy in Germany (1948-98) prepared by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung - http://www1.kas.de/bibliothek/bibliographie/50jahre.html

* David M. Hart is Director of the Online Library of Liberty Project.

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