Principles of Economics

Marshall, Alfred
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London: Macmillan and Co., Ltd.
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8th edition
Table of Contents
Book I. Preliminary Survey.
I.I Introduction.
I.II The Substance of Economics.
I.III Economic Generalizations or Laws.
I.IV The Order and Aims of Economic Studies.
Book II. Some Fundamental Notions.
II.I Introductory.
II.II Wealth.
II.III Production. Consumption. Labour. Necessaries.
II.IV Income. Capital.
Book III. On Wants and Their Satisfaction.
III.I Introductory.
III.II Wants In Relation To Activities.
III.III Gradations Of Consumers' Demand.
III.IV The Elasticity of Wants.
III.V Choice Between Different Uses of the Same Thing. Immediate and Deferred Uses.
III.VI Value and Utility.
Book IV. The Agents of Production. Land, Labour, Capital and Organization.
IV.I Introductory.
IV.II The Fertility of Land.
IV.III The Fertility of Land, Continued. The Tendency To Diminishing Return.
IV.IV The Growth of Population.
IV.V The Health and Strength of the Population.
IV.VI Industrial Training.
IV.VII The Growth of Wealth.
IV.VIII Industrial Organization.
IV.IX Industrial Organization, Continued. Division of Labour. The Influence of Machinery.
IV.X Industrial Organization, Continued. The Concentration of Specialized Industries in Particular Localities.
IV.XI Industrial Organization, Continued. Production on a Large Scale.
IV.XII Industrial Organization, Continued. Business Management.
IV.XIII Conclusion. Correlation of the Tendencies To Increasing and To Diminishing Return.
Book V. General Relations of Demand, Supply, and Value.
V.I Introductory. On Markets.
V.II Temporary Equilibrium of Demand and Supply.
V.III Equilibrium of Normal Demand and Supply.
V.IV The Investment and Distribution of Resources.
V.V Equilibrium of Normal Demand and Supply, Continued, With Reference To Long and Short Periods.
V.VI Joint and Composite Demand. Joint and Composite Supply.
V.VII Prime and Total Cost in Relation To Joint Products. Cost of Marketing. Insurance Against Risk. Cost of Reproduction.
V.VIII Marginal Costs in Relation To Values. General Principles.
V.IX Marginal Costs in Relation To Values. General Principles, Continued.
V.X Marginal Costs in Relation To Agricultural Values.
V.XI Marginal Costs in Relation To Urban Values.
V.XII Equilibrium of Normal Demand and Supply, Continued, With Reference To the Law of Increasing Return.
V.XIII Theory of Changes of Normal Demand and Supply in Relation To the Doctrine of Maximum Satisfaction.
V.XIV The Theory of Monopolies.
V.XV Summary of the General Theory of Equilibrium of Demand and Supply.
Book VI. The Distribution of National Income.
VI.I Preliminary Survey of Distribution.
VI.II Preliminary Survey of Distribution, Continued.
VI.III Earnings of Labour.
VI.IV Earnings of Labour, Continued.
VI.V Earnings of Labour, Continued.
VI.VI Interest of Capital.
VI.VII Profits of Capital and Business Power.
VI.VIII Profits of Capital and Business Power, Continued.
VI.IX Rent of Land.
VI.X Land Tenure.
VI.XI General View of Distribution.
VI.XII General Influences of Economic Progress.
VI.XIII Progress in Relation To Standards of Life.
Appendix A The Growth of Free Industry and Enterprise.
Appendix B The Growth of Economic Science.
Appendix C The Scope and Method of Economics.
Appendix D Uses of Abstract Reasoning in Economics.
Appendix E Definitions of Capital.
Appendix F Barter.
Appendix G The Incidence of Local Rates, With Some Suggestions As To Policy.
Appendix H Limitations of the Use of Statical Assumptions in Regard To Increasing Return.
Appendix I Ricardo's Theory of Value.
Appendix J The Doctrine of the Wages-Fund.
Appendix K Certain Kinds of Surplus.
Appendix L Ricardo's Doctrine As To Taxes and Improvements in Agriculture.
Mathematical Appendix (PDF file; requires free Acrobat Reader plugin) Also available: download of raw TeX ASCII file.
Enlarged art files for Mathematical Appendix
Footnotes (Books I-III)
Footnotes (Book IV)
Footnotes (Book V)
Footnotes (Book VI)
Footnotes (Appendices)
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