An EconTalk Podcast Listening Guide

Anthony Gill on Religion

Listen to the EconTalk podcast Anthony Gill on Religion and consider these questions.

1. Why do Roberts and Gill suggest that the social sciences have paid so little attention to religion? To what extent is this problematic?

2. What are the benefits of religious competition, according to Gill, and what does such competition look like in the real world?

3. How does Gill suggest that religiosity compares across countries, and what does he suggest comes with more active religious participation within a nation?

4. Describe the various ways Gill identifies that the state can interact with various religions. Why do particular religions sometimes forge such tight bonds with the state?

5. How does the relationship between religion and the state compare in authoritarian and democratic political regimes?

6. For what reasons does Gill suggest politicians would favor religious liberty? Which seems most significant, and why?

7. Why does Gill suggest that property rights are so important to religious organizations?

8. For what reasons does Gill suggest that governments might be biased against religious institutions? What might this suggest for religious participation going forward?