A new blog about the county where I live reports,

[The County’s Chief Executive] proposes a 6.3% increase over the current budget…the county projects an additional 170 personnel work-years over the current year. And, to top it all off, that increased spending budget is to serve fewer students than the current population.

Last December, I noted,

if you divide school enrollment of 137,798 by number of employees, 21,840, you get a ratio of one employee for every 6.3 students. My daughters have been in classes that are four or five times that big. Apparently, the vast majority of school system employees do not teach in a classroom.

The story said that 89 percent of the $1.98 billion budget goes to employee compensation. Dividing this by the number of employees gives average compensation of $80,686 per employee. If the non-teaching staff are bus drivers, cafeteria workers and janitors, then they are very well paid!