True story: While I was on vacation, I got a phone call from Good Morning, America, asking me to talk about my book, The Selfish Reason to Have More Kids. The main problem, I told them, is that a few paragraphs on my blog is not a book. I quickly added that I was still happy to be on the show, but, alas, the truth hurt.

Nevertheless, this incident did give me an idea: If Good Morning, America wanted to publicize this book when it didn’t even exist, imagine how well the book would be received if I actually wrote it! It could popularize Simon, Kremer, and Landsburg, while fleshing out all the natalist notions I’ve entertained on the blog. If I was willing to put my twins’ picture on the cover, who could resist?

Cool tie-in: Testimonials about all the babies I’ve talked people into having. It’s running at two kids already; why not more?

Whaddaya think?