Bryan asks if PC persecution is overblown. I suppose that the term “overblown” can be construed liberally enough (so to speak) to make it impossible to settle the matter. But you might want to re-read this post and consider the Larry Summers case.

Basically, Summers’ opponents appear to me to be committing the fallacy of attributing to him the view that all women are inferior to all men. That is, his opponents cannot reason through a basic statistical argument. He had to resign his position in disgrace, and more recently he was disinvited as a dinner speaker, again in disgrace. His opponents did not address his ideas. They attacked him personally.

The way I see it, if anyone deserved to be booted out of their jobs, it would be Summers’ critics, including some prominent college administrators. They demonstrated an inability to grasp the basic concept of a statistical distribution. They demonstrated ignorance and incompetence.

But maybe my concerns are overblown.