A strange unintended consequence of the writers’ strike: Dexter is coming to network TV! Given the shortage of programming, CBS worked out a deal with Showtime to air the controversial, beautifully written series.

Of course there’s going to be some editing to “sanitize” the show, but not much:

“I am very protective of the show and will make sure the small changes are done very seamlessly,” Showtime president Robert Greenblatt told The Hollywood Reporter. “The essence of the show is absolutely there; we haven’t compromised the character and his moral compass.” Instead, the major cuts will focus on language.

As a fan, I couldn’t bear watching the edited version. But it’s still going to be far better than anything on the networks back when their writers were working. The first episode is Sunday, February 17; if you’ve been reluctant to give the show a chance, the Writers Guild of America has just handed you a golden opportunity.