I have not had much time to pursue the folk song idea, but I have written a few snippets. [now slightly revised]

First, I am trying to do something to the tune of “Union Maid” that speaks to the moral virtue of the profit system. The rhyme scheme in “Union Maid” is difficult, and the ideas I have in mind are complex, so I have not gotten very far.

On graduation day, I heard my daughter say.
They said at school that profits aren’t cool, but I go my own way…

Don’t dare scorn me, I’m workin’ for a profit, workin’ for a profit, workin’ for a profit. Don’t dare scorn me I’m workin’ for a profit, it’s worthy as can be.

Next, I wanted to get at the fundamental problems of state worship and perfectionism. The tune I have in mind is “Big Rock Candy Mountain.” Some snippets of lyrics:

The New State of Perfection

Oh, you really must believe all the things we will achieve,
if we can win election.
We’ll remake society to a new reality
in our new state of perfection.

In our new state of perfection, religion is not taught.
Politicians are our idols, government is God.

In our new state of perfection, firms will do as told.
We know more than the market what should be bought and sold.

In our new state of perfection, you’re totally insured.
No risk you take can harm you, all problems can be cured.