A newspaper in Anne Arundel County, Maryland reports,

the number of school employees earning more than $100,000 doubled from 213 in 2007 to 450 in fiscal 2009, which started in July.

…62 school employees received pay hikes of more than $20,000 over the two years and four saw raises of more than $30,000 over two years.

Meanwhile, concerning some other local counties, the Washington Post editorializes,

Montgomery County, which faces a shortfall of $250 million for fiscal 2010, isn’t the only Washington area locality to confront financial challenges. Prince George’s County faces a $48 million shortfall and is also considering furloughs; Fairfax County is bracing for higher taxes to make up a $430 million deficit. In Montgomery County, however, budget problems present a unique opportunity for change. The deficit has drawn public attention to the excessive pay increases demanded by the unions — and many residents are outraged. Mr. Leggett and the council must capitalize on this opportunity by pushing for a reduction in cost-of-living increases for county employees in the spring.

Read the whole thing. It turns out that outlandish pay increases for public sector unions are what is recession-proof. The local communities are not.