1. From Poverty to Prosperity is supposed to ship to distributors next week. I’ll believe it when I see it. So far, I have not seen any printed version–only electronic galleys. There will be no review copies available prior to the shipping date, which is going to make it hard to start out with any momentum in terms of sales.

In the absence of any reviews, I will tell you that in my opinion It’s a great book, and I promise you that when it ships you will get a lot out of it. I think it’s safe to bet that if you pre-order it, you will have a copy by November 10th or so, preferably sooner. Note that Amazon and Barnes and Noble display a discarded version of the cover–the actual cover is shown correctly at the publisher’s link above.

2. Unchecked and Unbalanced could have been published as early as August, but for whatever reason the publisher decided to go with November 28. I think that is now a firm date, but I still have yet to receive anything I could hold in my hands. Again, I would like to have review copies available before the publication date, but as each day goes by without my seeing a hard copy, my hopes for that decline.

I think that this book has the potential to be really important. I worry that it also has the potential to be unconvincing. I’m trying to build a fairly intriguing argument on top of a somewhat thin support base.

One suggestion I received was to put some of my thinking in the context of Oliver Williamson’s “markets and hierarchies.” I rejected that, on the grounds that Williamson’s was a forgotten paradigm. Given the Nobel Prize decision earlier this month, I wouldn’t say that was my best call.