There is one question in the Roper-AP survey where I wonder
if the American public is more perceptive than pro-Obama economists. 
The question:

“If the government makes these changes to health insurance [i.e.,
extending coverage], would that probably cause you to pay more, less,
or the same amount for your own health care?”

The answers:

Pay a lot more – 29%
Pay a little more – 20%
Not change the amount – 32%
Pay a little less – 7%
Pay a lot less – 5%

Remember – the
question asks people about their own costs. 
So would pro-Obama economists disagree?  Or would they privately accept with these numbers – or even call them optimistic?  Non-economists probably interpret this question distributionally, but economists of all political persuasions would hopefully also consider the effect on the overall rate of growth of medical spending.