Jonathan Gruber is under fire for failing to disclose to reporters the funds he received from the government to investigagte health care reform. This story reports,

That puts the total federal money Gruber received in the last two years at $958,910.

1. Doesn’t that mean that some of Gruber’s funding came from the Bush Administration? I wonder how much.

2. What is the maximum amount that Gruber could have received had he been a full-time government employee?

3. How much was Gruber paid for his work on the Massachusetts plan? Did he get some of that money during the same years he received Federal money?

I myself was paid just $5,000 to write a book on health care reform. I’ll admit that I’m jealous of Gruber’s gravy train. I dare say that I would bet that a decade from now my ideas on health care policy will stand in better repute than his.