To me, it’s obvious that parents often choose neighborhoods in order to affect their kids’ long-run outcomes.  True, they rarely wake up in the morning and say, “Let’s move to a higher-income neighborhood to boost Billy’s adult income.”  But when parents decide where to live, the influence of the neighborhood on their children is an important part of their decision. 

Of course, this is a choice at the margin.  A family living on $20,000 a year can’t easily relocate to Beverly Hills, but by making some other sacrifices, they can – and often do – move to a neighborhood that’s 10% more expensive than the one where they already live.


1. Is all this only obvious to me because I’m an economist – or is it obvious to everyone? 

2. Is it an abuse of language to categorize parents’ choice of neighborhood as a form of parenting/ nurture/ upbringing?