Now that I’ve finished writing Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids, people keep asking me about my future research plans.  My first order of business is to finish up the political responsibility project I’ve been working on with Ilya Somin, Wayne Grove, and Eric Crampton.  The results are in, but I’ve still got a lot of writing and argument-crafting to do.  The final product will be an article entitled “Systematically Biased Beliefs About Political Responsibility.”

After tying up that loose end, I’ve got three new books planned.  I’ll be writing them in order:

1. The Case Against Education, my defense of the empirical importance of the signaling model of education.

2. Poverty: Who To Blame.  Part 1: Crummy policy in the Third World.  Part 2: Immigration restrictions in the First World.  Part 3: Irresponsible behavior the world over.

3. Pragmatic Pacifism: The Realism of Idealism.  This book will flesh out my philosophical/economic case for pacifism – and try to rescue the position from the wishful thinking that so often surrounds it.

These should keep me occupied for the next six years, minimum.