After my devastating fire in 2007 in which I lost my computer, I switched from PCs to a Mac. I didn’t fall in love with the Mac instantly, as my Mac friends predicted I would. It took about 6 months. About a year later, my wife switched also. We are now an all-Mac family.

Why do I mention timing? Because we bought a 3-year warranty on my wife’s Mac when we bought it in 2008. Last week, my wife’s LCD went haywire and she immediately called Monterey Bay Computer Works, because that’s where we had bought it and we had been pleased with their service. We also knew that they would have a record of the warranty.

There was one little problem: the warranty had expired just 8 days earlier. Computer Works suggested that my wife call Apple and see if they would cut her some slack. It took being on hold for 10 minutes, but then she was transferred to the right person. Bottom line: they decided to bear the cost. I have in front of me an invoice from Computer Works for about $450 in parts and $99.00 in labor of which we paid–zero. Yay, Apple.