“Howdy from that college kid.” That’s the subject line of an e-mail I received about a year ago from a local college student who, at the time, was attending Monterey Peninsula College, the local 2-year community college in Monterey. The student, named Manzanita McMahon, gave me permission to post her e-mail. It seems a propos given my post yesterday about The Teaching Company. Here’s her e-mail:

I really appreciated you taking the time to meet with me a couple of months ago, and now I have a question that perhaps you could give some advice on: Colleges of a less liberal sort, essentially.

Basically, I am transfering next fall to complete my BA, and was planning on a CSU [California State University] for cost purposes.
However, my studies recently have been absolutely inundated with a blatant liberal agenda, whether we’re studying Chemistry (“global warming! sound the alarm!”) Humanities (“why aren’t more Asian Americans recognized in the arts! it’s so racist!”), English (“Americans are so ethnocentrc, going around pushing English on the rest of the world”) or Sociology (you do not even want to know how many “percent of hispanic americans under the poverty line” facts I have had to regurgitate on exams.) All of these studies emphasizing the victim role of every minority and prescribing a massive liberal “cure” of redistributed wealth and “social justice” no questions asked, in black and white in every textbook and lecture.

Being a person who prefers to focus on FREEING PEOPLE from the bonds of “victimhood” by empowering them with awareness of their true abilities rather than dooming them forever to a listless existence of suckling eternally upon uncle sam’s all-too-willing teats, I am a bit discouraged with my future academic prospects.