David’s latest reply on illegal immigration is excellent, and I freely concede his two main points as I understand them.  Namely:

1. A narrow segment of illegal workers would lose in the short-run from legalization:

I had in mind a specific group of illegal workers who I think would have
a reasonable probability of losing their jobs if there were amnesty.
If they were just a little below the minimum wage, they could well be in
good shape. But that small group who are well below the minimum wage
could lose their jobs.

2. A narrow segment of employers of illegal workers, though none of the illegal workers themselves, would lose in the long-run from legalization:

Like Bryan, I can’t imagine many people spurning green cards. But because his original claim was about employers,
that’s not the test. The test would be this: “Is it plausible that
employers of illegal workers who are earning well below the minimum wage
would be upset if those same workers got green cards?”

David, do we have a meeting of the minds?