One quote that Bastiat lovers–I include myself–love to cite is Bastiat’s famous quote, “When goods don’t cross borders, armies will.” There’s one little problem with the quote: he never said it.

He should have said it. One can imagine, with Bastiat’s penchant for the pithy, that he would have said it. But in a thorough search of his on-line work conducted early this year, David Hart, an historian at Liberty Fund and a Bastiat expert and aficionado, finds that he didn’t say it.

Here’s what David Hart writes:

Following a lead provided by [Nicholas] Snow I’ve done a bit more digging and found that the quote comes from Otto T. Mallery (1881-1956) who wrote a book Economic Union and Durable Peace (Harper and Brothers, 1943). This sounds very like Bastiat but he does not cite Bastiat in the book.

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