Progress on health care? Really? While Obama is President? The Obama who said you can keep your doctor and your insurance and oh, by the way, your insurance will cost less? That Obama?

Yes, really. But it has little or nothing to do with Obama.

In February 2012, in a post titled “How to Cut the Cost of Contraceptives by Regulating Less,” I wrote:

Nevertheless, there is a way that the federal government now cuts access to contraceptives in a way that substantially raises the cost. Were the government to get rid of the regulation that does this, women’s access to contraceptives would rise and the cost would fall.

What is the regulation? It’s the one that requires contraceptive pills to be prescription drugs. If, instead, drug companies were allowed to sell contraceptives over the counter, access would rise and cost would fall.

A month later, Virginia Postrel laid out a more-complete case for the measure I proposed.

And now it’s happening.

Writes Megan McArdle:

Oregon is making hormonal birth control legally available without a doctor’s prescription, and California is set to follow suit. This is great policy, and the rest of the country should follow this example.

I guess you could call this “no-baby steps.”