August 2018 ISSUE

It’s Still Summer…

By Amy Willis

If you are anything like us, you are busy trying to maximize these last glorious days of summer. And you are probably also desperately trying to find the time to finish the pile of summer reading you planned for yourself at the beginning of summer. We are not here t...

Tribal Psychology and Political Behavior

By Arnold Kling

In Uncivil Agreement: How Politics Became our Identity,1 political scientist Lilliana Mason attempts to explain the recent increase in political polarization. In the process, she proposes a theory that homo politicus is tribal. I found this analysis persuasive, but ...

The Bother with Brexit

By Pedro Schwartz

Brexit is turning out to be a much more complicated affair than both the “remainers” and the “leavers” initially surmised. The hope of an amicable divorce is vanishing. The British Government and the European Commission are edging nearer the precipice of an ...

Commercial Reprisals Are a Mistake

By Pedro Schwartz

Where goods do not cross borders soldiers will. —attributed to Frédéric Bastiat1 There was a time when I understood the reasons for protectionism better than the arguments for free trade. Then I heard my doctoral supervisor, Lord Lionel Robbins, say in c...

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