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The Role of the Economist in a Free Society: Friedman to Coase

By Peter J. Boettke

Economics in the hands of its masters is an expert critique of rule by expertise. And even among its masters, there are many differing visions of the role of economics. —Pete Boettke In my previous article, I explored the intellectual engagement with controversy...

The NCAA: A Case of Rules Gone Wild

By Paul A. Cleveland

There is an interesting tendency in human history for rule makers to expand rules beyond all reason. This tendency is so much so that the rules can ultimately threaten the survival of the institution being governed. Typically, new rules are adopted in an attempt to corr...

George Will on the Fundamentals of Conservative Thought

By Arnold Kling

It would help if people would put their electronic devices away from the center of their existences and pick up a book. —George F. Will, The Conservative Sensibility (p. 2)1 Contemporary political debates take place on Twitter, with participants choosing t...

Equality and Freedom in Herbert Spencer’s Principles of Ethics

By Alberto Mingardi

"My freedom ends where yours begins" is the sort of truism most people happily relate to, when discussing politics and whatever idea of liberty they hold. It is based upon "the consciousness of limits which the presence of other men having like claims necessitates" (The...

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